Uninstalling themes, changing "revert" theme, getting it all to work...

Discussion in 'Customize 2.0 Discussions' started by Nawaaz91, Jun 23, 2008.

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    I know there's prolly been a bunch of threads about this, but here are some problems I have which probably a lot of people may have.

    1. Customize cannot apply new themes. I first got Buuf2 as my theme, now it sticks and does not change no matter what.

    2. I cannot change the theme I need to revert back to, it'll select but then go back to buuf2

    3. Its impossible for me to uninstall themes. I click ok and it'll just return to the c'mize screen

    4. Backgrounds are black, docks the same, icons different. How to change this so it looks like a real theme?( yes I made sure I used customize as summerboard theme, yes I turned on both wallpapers, no I did not chown as I usually get errors)

    I once loaded a theme and now it seems to have merged with buuf2. Also, only one icon changes every time I change a theme.

    It seems like im a retard, my customize is effed, or that I have to restore, or that I'm stuck with it because I can't do much, but I don't really believe nlany of those things are going on.

    Cheers. (I'm American but I just wanted to see how it feels to say that. Its alright.)

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