unauthorized release.

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    "NateTrue has recently leaked a v1.1.3 Jailbreak without the Dev-Team's permission, getting himself kicked off the team. Against our wishes, he's included both files belonging to Apple and patches which contain copyrighted information by Apple, making his personal release illegal and unethical. This is directly contrary to the spirit of true hacking, honorable competition, and sharing of knowledge. He's a disgrace to developers everywhere. I'd like to strongly advise against using his system for upgrading, and make it known that the rest of the dev team does not support software piracy or copyright infringement. The method the Dev Team was/is planning on releasing allows you to perform the jailbreak without violating federal law."

    source: http://www.zdziarski.com/

    also better to wait for the ipod touch version of the firmware to avoid troubles.
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    a) really old news now...
    b) there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with using this method.. no need to wait for the "ipod touch version".
    c) read/open your eyes mate.

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