Unable to wirelessly connect to iPod after a app update.

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by itsfelix, Dec 15, 2008.

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    This is important or related to you if you use Air Shairing.

    Today I updated my Air Sharing app (1.1 latest) and well, after it had finished, I noticed that the updated app was on my springboard, when, the Air Sharing application was still supposed to be hidden in the dock of SBSettings. So, noticing it, I went into SBSetting prefrences and turned "off" in the dock applications menu. After waiting for the springboard to respring, it suddenly went into safe mode; this is the first time it has happened. So I rebooted the iPod. Now, coming home, I cannot connect with Veency using Real VNC Viewer or use SHH. The Air Sharing application is not skinned with the theme icon and everything else seems to be fine, I have reinstalled Veency and that was no solution either, it is probable that shh will not be any use either. If anyone could help me or at least tell me how to restore correctly the iPod back to normal without data loss would be the greatest appreciation.

    Wirelessly connecting with:
    Air Shairing: Unable
    SHH: Unable
    Veency: Unable
    Safari: Able

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