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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ascasc, Jul 11, 2008.

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    iPod touch
    "iTunes was unable to load provider services from Sync Services. Reconnect or tyry again later"

    I synced earlier but since the 2.0 update has come up and you click on the link and it doesn't work this has happened. This happen to anyone else?

    I am on 1.4 jailbroken and haven't changed a thing on my Touch since i last synced.
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    I guess this is the issue



    Looks like everyone is having issues even people who went to the Apple store in NYC
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    Jul 12, 2008
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    hope this helps

    I had this same problem and this is what i did. i completely uninstalled itunes 7.7 and installed a previous version 7.6. when you do this it will say that it cant be done becausea file was updated with a newer version.
    this is where it gets tricky , i always back up my itunes on a external hd so i have the files before i updated. you go into your itunes folder and you'll see a file called library.itl, thats where all the information for your songs are in itunes. deleting this does not erase your actually music but does take everything out of itunes. you want to take your backed up version you have and replace it with the one in the folder. i would save a copy of it just incase. once thats done just start it up and it should be reverted. remember this file is based on what was saved before so you might have to add things back to itunes. now just upgrade like normal and there you go. thats how i did it i hope it helps.

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