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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by bratcrab1, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Hey guys,i tried restoring my iPod in the settings! It took about two hours to restore and then it doesnt seem to restart at all.

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    I can see the apple logo for about 3-4 min and then it goes blank and restarts again! Same thing's happening over and over again.

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    Please help

    My computer recognizes my Ipod once i put it to DFU mode and i get this in libusb

    DLL version:
    Driver version:

    bus/device idVendor/idProduct
    bus-0/\\.\libusb0-0001--0x05ac-0x1222 05AC/1222
    - Manufacturer : Apple Computer, Inc.
    - Product : USB DFU Device
    - Serial Number: 89000000000001
    wTotalLength: 27
    bNumInterfaces: 1
    bConfigurationValue: 1
    iConfiguration: 0
    bmAttributes: 80h
    MaxPower: 50
    bInterfaceNumber: 0
    bAlternateSetting: 0
    bNumEndpoints: 0
    bInterfaceClass: 254
    bInterfaceSubClass: 1
    bInterfaceProtocol: 2
    iInterface: 0
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    turn it completely off and hold the home button while you connect the USB cable. and keep holding it and iTunes should recognize as ipod in recovery mode. Restore from there and see what happens :/

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