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    Jul 24, 2010
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    Hi guyz,
    I bought an iPhone-3GS recently. I got to know that to download movies I need to download dtunes,bossprefs, safaridownload plug in.
    And I installed all these 3 through cydia. But for some reason download has not worked.
    I thought of removing these applications and install them again.
    I have removed these 3 applications through cydia, now when I search for bossprefs and safari download plug in,am unable to find them on cydia. I can find dtunes, but not getting installed, which shows an error as some related files missing.
    Can you plz help me how to sort out this problem, and download movies.
    I have tried reinstalling of cydia through cydia installer, but it had not worked.
    Plz help me, is there any way to do this.

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