UIPushButton? with Jiggy???

Discussion in 'Jiggy Runtime Development' started by Commander147, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Hi I have Jiggy running and I am slowly starting to get used to the code. I get functions and creating labels and such but for some reason I can't make a regular button with UIPushButton. Can anyone post an example using it so far this is what I have

    var save = new UIPushButton( [ 20 , 351 , window.bounds[2]-40 ,40 ] );
    save.setEnabled = true;
    save.title = ("Save");
    mainView.addSubview( save );

    Nothing displays where the button is supposed to display and nothing is blocking it
    the label I have displays just fine Please someone help!!!
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    few things to note:

    in javascript or any language, its wise to add number together inside brackets

    var save = new UIPushButton( [ 20 , 351 , (window.bounds[2]-40) ,40 ] );

    2nd thing, why have u put save inside ()?

    title is not a function, its a variable

    so just use

    save.title = 'Save';

    lastly, you prob cant see it as you have no background

    so see if u can see it by changing the background color

    save.backgroundColor = [ 0 , 0 , 0 , 1 ];

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