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Discussion in 'Android Chat' started by Spystriker, Apr 18, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    Yes i know this is for ipod linux but i would like to know how to set up networking on ubuntu because i plan on installing openiboot on my ipod touch 2g when the image for it comes out. This is probobly a stupid question but im quessing networking is turned of by default and i just cant seem to figure out how to turn it on, every time i try to connect to my router it says networking is turned off. plz help

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    Which version of Ubuntu are you using? Unless you managed to turn networking off it should be enabled by default, in which case it's more likely that Ubuntu couldn't find drivers for your network devices. Could you explain in more detail the problem you are having and where it occurs? Feel free to include screen shots if possible.

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