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    Ubuntu = www.ubuntu.com

    Kubuntu = www.kubuntu.org

    Xubuntu= www.xubuntu.org

    Edubuntu = www.edubuntu.org

    Crunchbang = www.crunchbang.org

    Ubuntu Ultimate Edition = www.ultimateeditition.info

    Mythbuntu = www.mythbuntu.org

    Ubuntu Studio = www.ubuntustudio.org

    Linux Mint 7 = www.linuxmint.com


    Ubuntu = Obviously one of the easier Linuxes to get setup with. Uses GNOME interface. Works with almost all hardware out of the box and has a great number of people following it and improving it.

    Kubuntu = Based on Ubuntu, only major difference is that it uses KDE interface instead of GNOME. Bigger resources hog because of this.

    Xubuntu = Lighter of the three main used *buntus. Uses XFCE interface and has a smaller recource base then the other supported ones.

    Edubuntu = Mainly used for schools, can be used at home, mostly comprised of software for education, a.k.a games, dictionaries, thesaurus, science programs, etc.

    Crunchbang = Non-Officially supported, lightest Ubuntu based distro. Has barely any icons and most programs are run by right-clicking on the desktop and then selecting the one that you want. Very confusing for someone just entering the Linux World.

    Ubuntu Ultimate Edition = The largest sized non-officially supported one. Download size alone is 2.2 GB's. Has almost every program that you would ever need, so for many it is bloat ware. Based off GNOME interface, but made ugly by the dev's choice of color scheme.

    Myhtbuntu = Ubuntu for HTPC's. Made specifically for running a machine to record, stop, play back live TV.

    Ubuntu Studio = Made for artists. Great *buntu for photo/video editing. Graphically pleasing, based off of GNOME.

    Linux Mint 7 = This is an Ubuntu based distro that some would say is the easiest Linux Distro to get setup and running. Almost completely based on Ubuntu. All they did was take it and make it more appealing to the eye. I find this a very good distro to start out with.

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