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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by sjleworthy, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Hi, i've done a jail break and posted 1 or 2 questions before but....

    I'm basically super new to the iphonetouch, and was recommended to come to these forums to find out all i need to know about it.

    Basically, i'm not very technical, dont know anything what the ipodtouch is potentially capable of, and want to make full use of it, but where to look? i'm so far finding these forums assume that you have the basics of ipod knowledge. i dont. and i'm finding that total beginners posts like this frustrate other members who know more than me, to the point i see rude and sarcastic replies. it's frustrating all round. sorry fellers, we all need to start somewhere, and i am being nice about it.

    Apart from the fact i dont really know what to search for, i've found the searches i have done bring up posts that aren't usually in plain english. and dont explain what they're doing, ie, they assume i already know things.

    I've seen things like "themes", "spring board" etc etc, and seen different screen grabs and customisations and things. and yup, i've searched these forums, but again, everything is assumed you know about the basics. i dont. i dont even know what these things mean. I'm a computer graphic artist by trade, and moderate a couple of cgi forums,so i'm not totally green in forum et equate.

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    As i say, i want to make the most of my ipodtouch, but where to get the basics from?
    Is there a beginners guide to what can be done and how, in basic english?

    thanks you
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    go to this link: a FAQ to ipodtouchmaster.com http://ipodtouchmaster.com/faq.html

    then go here to watch his videos, http://www.youtube.com/rss/user/ipodtouchmaster/videos.rss

    just watch his videos, try it out. thats the only way to learn the basics, or browse through the forums but i learned the "basics" through his videos. if u havnt gone to 1.1.3 thats very good becuz it seems it would go over ur head right now, but no matter. it gets very easy very fast, just give it some time...good luck

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    also in the forums, look for stickied threads, they appear at the top under announcements

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