TwisTouch HD (The legendary twister now for ipad&iphone)

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    What happens when you take an iPad/iPhone and add...
    - The fun of the legendary game Twister?
    - Drops of ingenuity from games like Sokoban?
    - Graphics and music with Zen inspiration?
    - OpenFeint with achievements?
    - Several game modes?

    Mix and get... TwistTouch!

    The game objective is to take every fire with its color. And we have 2 basic rules:
    1) Make sure to place all colors before letting go. (You MUST use more than one finger simultaneously.)
    2) The fires must not collide.

    The gameplay is really fun and you'll have to think carefully about which
    hands and fingers you choose to achieve your goal.

    youTube ingame video:

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    Twistouch is also available for iphone/ipod.

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    Full version: ITunes link:
    LITE version:

    The game is now with special launch price 0,78€ for universal version (pay once and enjoy it in iphone and ipad)

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