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    I added a quick tutorial here on how to add your own options into Customize:

    Updated: Version 10.3

    Version 10.3 is up

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    Added a few more options and fixes.

    REPO: (Will show up as "Danimator's Repo").

    Manual Download Link:
    Complete list of available options:

    Caterpillar Theme
    Kate Theme
    HWPen Theme
    Keyboard.artwork files Themes
    Other.artwork files Themes
    Boot Logo
    Dock Background
    Icon Display Order

    iPod Options:
    Top iPod Bar
    Bottom iPod Bar
    Movie HUDS
    Media Buttons
    Media HUD Buttons
    iPod Stars
    Volume Knob
    Volume Fill Left
    Volume Fill Right

    Application Theme Options:
    Apollo Theme
    Books Theme
    BossPrefs Theme
    Calculator Theme
    Calendar Theme
    Capture Theme
    Categories Theme
    Converter Theme
    Cydia Theme
    DashBuster Theme
    Finder Theme
    Fring Theme
    iComic Theme
    Installer Theme
    iTunes Store Theme
    Maps Theme
    MobileChat Theme
    MobileSMS Theme
    Mobile Music Theme
    MobileRSS Theme
    MoleSkine Theme
    MxTube Theme
    NotePad Theme
    Photos Theme
    PDFViewer Theme
    RemoteNote Theme
    ShowTime Theme
    Stocks Theme
    Tevee Theme
    TimeCapsule Theme
    Timer Theme
    ToDoList Theme
    Weather BG Theme
    Weather Icon Theme
    WildEyes Theme
    YouTube Theme

    Game Theme Options:
    Domino Theme
    Pool Theme
    Scrabble Theme

    Instrument Theme Options:
    Drummer Theme
    Guitarist Theme
    Pianist Theme

    Loading Screen Options:
    AdBlock Loading Screen
    BossTool Loading Screen
    CameraPro Loading Screen
    Contacts Loading Screen
    Convert Loading Screen
    Customize Loading Screen
    HWInfo Loading Screen
    iDope Loading Screen
    Leftover Loading Screen
    Mail Loading Screen
    MapsOffline Loading Screen
    Poof Loading Screen
    Ringtones Loading Screen
    Settings Loading Screen
    Safari Loading Screen
    SMBPrefs Loading Screen
    Snapture Loading Screen
    Terminal Loading Screen
    TextEdit Loading Screen
    *******ula Loading Screen
    VNotes Loading Screen
    WebSearch Loading Screen
    weDict Loading Screen

    Statusbar Icon Options:
    Airplane Icon
    Alarm Icon
    Bars Images
    Bluetooth Icon
    Carrier Image
    Edge Icon
    Header Battery Icon
    Lock Icon
    WiFi Images
    Taskbar Notifier PLAY
    Taskbar Notifier GPRS
    Taskbar Notifier TTY
    Taskbar Notifier Call
    Taskbar Notifier SMS
    Taskbar Notifier Mail
    WebClip Icons

    Keypad Theme Options:
    Phone Keypad
    Call Keypad
    Device Lock Keypad

    Bars and Sliders Theme Options:
    Call Bar
    Bottom Bar
    Power Bar
    In-Call Glow
    Main Slider
    Power Slider
    Call Slider
    Highlight Mask

    Other Theme Options:
    Badge Graphic
    Battery Images
    Sound Images
    Hud Image

    System Options:
    System Sounds
    SpringBoard Strings
    Vibration Settings

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    Danimator's Modded Customize

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    This is a modded version of Customize, based on Skylar's latest custom version (1.2.1-2), as well as latest Customize from SpicyChicken (1.22).
    The Theme Pack is based on the "Sticker" themes and graphics by David Lanham, KorTolk and Louie Mantia. Scrabble theme by Innovative1. Credits where applicable!!!

    1. Restore / Jailbreak to 1.1.3 or 1.1.4. ( I did not, and will not test this on earlier firmwares, so if it doesn't work on 1.1.1 or 1.1.2, sorry bout your luck). If you're NOT starting on a fresh restore / jailbreak please read over the instructions and make sure you have completed the requirements.
    2. Install or update the following packages in Installer
      • BSD Subsystem from the System section
      • BossTool from the Utilities section
      • SUID Lib Fix from the Tweaks (1.1.3) section
      • BSD Subsystems 2.0 Termfix from the Tweaks section
    3. Run BossTool, select the Free Disk Space option, and in this select Move Ringtones, Move Applications, Move Fonts. This will copy the space-hogging items listed above to the larger partition and create symlinks (like shortcuts in Windows) to point to them from the original location on the smaller partition.
    4. Create symlinks (again, like Windows shortcuts) for the Media and Library folders in /var/root to /var/mobile. This is a very important step and could require some elaboration. Since firmware 1.1.3 applications are supposed to store their application data in /var/mobile/Library and /var/mobile/Media instead of the previous /var/root/Library and /var/root/Library. Since Danimator's Modded Customize is based off of the old Customize 1.22, it still stores its data in the old locations. You can check to see if you already have the symlinks in place either through SSH or using Term-v100. Navigate to /var/root
      cp /var/root
      and list the contents
      ls -la
      If you have symlinks properly set up you will have two entries
      Library -> /private/var/mobile/Library
      Media -> /private/var/mobile/Media
      If you are missing one or they don't point to anything (missing arrows) then you will need to move the folders from root to mobile and create symlinks to point to the new locations. We can do this two ways: Dan's symlink script (recommended) or manually by using Terminal commands.
      • Dan's Symlink Script (recommended) - Install the Symlink Media/Library Creator script from the Danimator's Repo section in Installer
      • Manual - Please find a guide to running terminal commands (either through SSH or the Term-v100 app). You will need to run the following commands: BUT Make an empty Media folder there first if you don't already see one there or the scripts will fail.
        cp -R /private/var/root/Media /private/var/mobile/
        rm -r /private/var/root/Media
        ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media /private/var/root/Media
        cp -R /private/var/root/Library /private/var/mobile/
        rm -r /private/var/root/Library
        ln -s /private/var/mobile/Library /private/var/root/Library
        The cp commands copy the directories to their new locations, the rm commands remove the original directories, and the ln commands create the symlinks to the new destinations.
    5. Add the following repo to your Installer sources:
    6. Install Danimator's Customize 9.3 (and Danimator's "Sticker" Theme Pack.
    7. Return to the springboard and run Customize; it should run and crash three times before loading correctly. The reason it crashes is because it needs to make all the backup images and directories to restore from.
    8. If Customize crashes more than 3 times, you probably have to fix the permissions (they should install fine by default, but crazier things have happened.) This can be done through Terminal commands or with WinSCP.
      • Terminal - connect through SSH or open up Term-v100 and run the following commands
        chmod -R 755 /Applications/
        chmod -R 755 /var/mobile/Library/Customize
      • WinSCP - connect through WinSCP and navigate to /Applications, right-click on, and under the Permissions section put 0755 in the Octal box (the check-boxes should fill themselves). Check the box to "Set group, owner, and permissions recursively" and press OK.
        Navigate to /var/mobile/Library, right-click on Customize, and do the same thing as above, but set the permissions to 755 (remember to check the box for recursive!) and press OK.
      Now try running Customize, and hopefully it should start up in no time.

    If you are sure you have performed all of the above steps correctly and you are still having issues, please send me a PM with your issue and I'll do my best to help you out. Hope this guide helps!

    Now, If you've installed MANUALLY, and not from the repo's just run the following commands in terminal and it should be fine:

    /bin/chmod -R 755 /Applications/
    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

    Note: If you've previously had your customize icon hidden with apps such as "Poof" or "Categories", etc. Make sure you unhide it before installing or else your icon will remain hidden after install.

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    iPod touch
    Nice I expect this to be released soon!
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    i like it
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    this looks good
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    See first post for little updates...will release it soon

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    Along with the pool and other theme changer you think you could add a garf theme changer just a suggestionn
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    thats not volume fill top and bottom, its left and right.
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    this looks GREAT
    might i make a suggestion
    SIP-VOIP option
    i put my say in
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    i like it.. lookzz good..!!
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    Dude I am so stoked for this! I'd love to be a beta tester if you need one

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