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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by Vince, Sep 17, 2009.

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    This thread is for the installation of non-cydian themes (themes that aren't available on Cydia).

    I feel the need to make this thread for those new to the community and jailbreaking that don't know how to install themes. Frankly I'm tired of someone asking in just about every single release thread. This guide was written by me, currently running firmware 3.0 on an iPod Touch 2G (just in case things change in the future). Hopefully this will eventually spread to also include custom theme setup guides (such as iNavs) so that we can have them all in one spot. To start, I'm only putting the simplest (imo) way to do things, if the thread is popular and used I'll expand to alternative methods too.

    Firstly, you must be jailbroken to theme your iPod

    Regular theme install w/wifi (any theme without special instructions given for install, fully utilizes the 4x4 structure of the springboard to fit 16 icons on a single page):

    Things you'll need to start:
    •a computer
    •a jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhone

    To make my life easier, you're going to have to learn how to SSH on your own. YouTube is your friend, so is google, so is this site. Search "OpenSSH".

    On the device (sorry I'm not gonna type out iPod Touch/iPhone every time) you'll need to download Winterboard off Cydia and reboot your device.

    K install guide time, nice and simple:
    1) Download and extract your newly downloaded theme. We want it to either be in folder form (no extension) or in .theme form. Keep the theme somewhere that's easy to access (the desktop always works).
    2) SSH into your iPod
    3) Navigate to /private/var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx (the "x"s represent random letters and/or numbers specific to your device, don't mess with them)
    4) Stick your theme folder in that directory. We're done with the comp once the transfer finishes.
    5) Go on your device, open Winterboard. Whatever the name of what you just added was, it should be somewhere on that list (IE if I named my file "Vince's File.theme", that's how it would show up in Winterboard.
    6) Tap the name of your theme, it should put a checkmark next to it. Then use the right side of the screen to drag that file to the top of the list of items in Winterboard (this will allow it to overwrite all other things in Winterboard).
    7) Hit the home button, this will close the app and trigger a respring. Unlock your device afterwards and your theme will be applied.

    Regular theme install without wifi

    Basically the same steps, except instead of SSH'ing we're going to use a USB transfer.
    On your comp download iphonebrowser or iFunBox (for windows) or iphone explorer (for Mac).

    You won't need openSSH (to my knowledge) on your device. Plug your device into your comp and launch whichever app you downloaded above.

    Proceed to follow steps 3-7 of the above guide.

    I want this thread to be used and helpful. Hopefully in the future it will be useful even to experienced members. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the thread, requests for theme install guides, and/or ideas on this subject, leave a post and it will be greatly appreciated and given consideration. Also if it's requested I can add links to the apps listed and I can provide screenshots for the step-by-step walkthrough.
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