[Tutorial] The Fastest, Easiest Way to Download MP3's Straight to Your iPod!

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    Okay, so I tried the whole Sendfile app process, and didn't like it much. The app was a little sub par, and the process took a long while. Then I tried iSlsk. Didn't like it much because most hosts were never actually online (meaning I could never actually download songs!). Now this way, which I'm going to explain, is excellent.

    Step One
    First we need to add iPod touched's repository to the sources in Installer:

    Step Two
    Now we need to download the needed apps from Installer. Search "MyMedia" in Installer, and download it. Remember to disable the Safari Download Plugin if you have it installed.

    Step Three
    Now, go to this website in Safari and bookmark it for later use:
    Search any song you want to download, and click the file. Now, let it get to the point where the white Q is in the background, and click Done (this is necessary).

    Step Four
    Exit Safari at this point, and open up MyMedia. Click the Download icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Click MediaCache, and you'll be given a list of all movie and audio files you've viewed in Safari and Youtube. You can even preview the file to make sure it's what you're looking for! Click the file, then Download.

    It's that simple! You can even name the file to your liking, unlike SendFile. Remember, music isn't the only downloadable file type, this is basically a beefed up MxTube! If you want to transfer the files to your computer, SSH into your iPod and go to : /var/mobile/Media/MyMedia and transfer selected files over to your computer. This truely is a mobile Limewire!
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    There are special apps for this....

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