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    Ok here you can see how i could manage to save all my data (on the User directory [/var/mobile/media/] from my unbootable Ipod Touch 2g (MB version):

    My problems:
    -Ipod stuck at boot-logo
    -No OpenSSH installed
    -Can't access files through usb
    -Itunes only can restore my ipod w/ erasing my files

    It's possible to simple change the process of restoring with a simple update ("downgrade was tested successfully too)

    You will need:
    iBSS.n72ap.RELEASE.dfu (from 2.1.1)
    hex editor (havent tested it with simply renaming)
    irecovery (which needs installed libusb)
    itunes (any version but it has to support your device [i used itunes 8]
    an operating system that can can use the programs above
    Ipod Touch 2g (under MC versions, because you need to patch the device so it accepts the modded ipsw file for which we use redsn0w lite commands, which actually was only released for the Ipod Touch 2g)

    Now lets begin:
    we are changing the names of the two little dmg files (not the big one) inside the ipsw
    1)open iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore.ipsw with your hex-editor and change following values:
    at offset 115A69B6 change the value 33 to 34
    at offset 115A69FF change the value 34 to 33
    (or in text: change 018-4493-11.dmg to 018-4494-11.dmg and 018-4494-11.dmg to 018-4493-11.dmg)
    [if yo search it by text-string there will be two times 018-4493-11.dmg and two times 018-4493-11.dmg, only change the second ones (don't forget you renamed them, when counting)]
    save the file

    2)now connect you Ipod in DFU mode or Recovery mode (just hold Sleep-Button and Home-Button until you see the Connect-to-Itunes-Screen)

    3a)now with irecovery do the following:
    Upload the iBSS.n72ap.RELEASE.dfu
    iRecovery -f iBSS.n72ap.RELEASE.dfu

    3b)Disconnect your device and reconnect it (your screen should get white)

    iRecovery -s
    4a)open up Itunes and select while pressing the SHIFT button "Restore"

    4b)select your modified Firmware and don't worry about iTunes warning you about your data going to be erased

    5)Your Ipod will probably not do anything for the next few minutes, but don't worry as long as Itunes doesn't show up an error-message all is going fine

    6)Your done. Your Ipod should now boot up with all your data on it (even it was called a restore)

    It should actually work for EVERY firmware on EVERY device. However the problem is that i know no way about how to get the newer devices to accept the modified (and due to that unsigned) Firmware.

    //first posted on modmyi.com -->search my post there...there i wrote some more

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