[Tutorial] Making default.png's from ipod touch

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    this is a tutorial on making loading screens for Applications!

    You will need the following:
    Mobile finder
    IM Grab
    apps to test it on

    Ok i will start only with emulator loading screens!

    First, go into mobile finder --> hit the apple in the top left
    then create a folder called GBA backups, this is where you
    will put the defualt backup. Next go to settings and turn off
    Application luanch. Now go to Applications folder and open
    up gpsPhone. Find the defualt.png and move it into the GBA
    backups folder you created. Now exit out and open Safari.
    Go to Google.com and search for GBA logo, put any logo you
    want or any picture. Click on it and then click on see full size
    image when gets to that page, go back home and open IM grab
    tap import history and hit the first link then press save.
    now go to Mobile finder and go to var/root/media/DCIM/100APPLE/and tap on the picture you saved, hit modify and rename it (Default.png) with the capital
    D. Now move it into Applications/gpsPhone/ and paste it there now click go back home and reboot or respring. Now open the gpsPhone and vwholla!!
    thier should be the pcture or logo that you chose

    Hope this worked!
    its my first tuttorial!
    This works with any app

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