[Tutorial] How to uninstall (and reinstall) Cydia

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by imnouser, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Hi all, I recently ran into a little trouble with cydia and I tried a few things with MobileTerminal, one of which seemed to work! So I'm gonna show you guys how to uninstall and reinstall (if you really want to) Cydia.

    Firstly you need to open mobile terminal, if you don't have it I'm pretty sure you can just use terminal over SSH, I wouldn't though untill someone confirms it works.

    Ok, so once you have a terminal open you need to login, so type in su. Then for a password type alpine.

    So now your logged in you have permission to do this. Now type the following into the terminal
    apt-get remove cydia
    after that it may tell you that you can't because you need to run something, type whatever it says (I'm pretty sure it's dpkg and then some other stuff)

    Here is when it seemed to be going through all of your Cydia repo's, after this you should probably check your cydia IF YOU ARE UNINSTALLING IT BECAUSE OF PROBLEMS such as crash on startup (that's what I had, I checked cydia and now it works fine!!)
    ok so after that go back into terminal if that didn't help, or if you stayed interminal do the same thing.
    type in apt-get remove cydia again if you had to run the thing it tells you to.
    now it will say something along the lines of "do you want to continue? If so type in the following command: Yes, do as I say!"
    now type in Yes, do as I say!

    so it'll uninstall cydia (as far as I no, idk because I did not uninstall mine)

    Then I you want to REINSTALL CYDIA

    simply type
    apt-get install cydia


    if you jailbroke with blackra1n and haven't uninstalled the blackra1n app then you can just go in there and do it.

    Hope this all helps!!

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