iOS 4.0 [Tutorial] How To Boot Up Your Snowbreeze jailbreak 1.7 iDevice

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    [How-To] Boot Up Your Snowbreeze 1.7 jailbroken iDevice

    Ok I know sum of you guys are having troubles with booting your newly jailbrok'n itouch I have made a video showing you guys how to boot up your idevice and what to exspect and this is realy a MC specific Tutorial Enjoy

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    ( Make Sure you have your folder set up like this before proceeding)
    (it does not matter if you have other files in here, however you MUST have these)

    - iboot.payload
    - devtree.40
    - ibec.40
    - kernel.40
    - iBooty.exe
    - sn0w.img3
    - wait.img3
    - bspatch.exe (disregard the "file replacement"

    To Get The files just vist iH8snows's forum:


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