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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by Tyr0, Aug 18, 2009.

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    Hey all,
    I finally created my first tutorial, about how to create a basic UINavigationController. I would really like some feedback on it. Any and all feedback, be it positive or negative, i would really appreciate it. If you want me to make more, then let me know. Any requests, or whatever.

    My next tutorial will most likely be about having multiple view applications.
    Well.. anyways, here's the link.

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    Remember that this forum does not allow offsite links to sites such as you posted. I would have let this slide if you posted the guide here as well as the other forum. Similar to how I am ding with my tutorials (most of my tutorials don't even link to my blog).

    As for critique. Here's one: delegation. Your application delegate does not conform to the UINavigationControllerDelegate. It should if it is to contain a UINavigationController. You also never attempt to assign its delegate to another object. This means that while the navigation controller exists, its functionality is not complete.

    For proof of this statement, override your root view controller's viewWillAppear method and add nothing but an NSLog. Watch the console. You will NEVER receive that because nothing is calling that message.

    Go back, implement the UINavigationControllerDelegate, override the delegation methods, check to see if the view controller implements the willAppear, etc methods, and call them.

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