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    In this tutorial I will so you how to get connect to ipodtouchfans via WeeChat, irc client

    Things you will need
    • Mobile Terminlal
    • WeeChat
    These are available through Cydia

    1. Make sure you have a wi-fi connection and the appropriate applications installed
    2.Open up terminal
    3.Enter this command
    weechat-curses irc://Nickname@irc.freenode.net/#ipodtouchfans
    Wait about 30 seconds for it to connect
    4.Here are some commands that you can use
    return 	terminate line
    tab 	complete word
    tab_previous 	find previous completion for word
    backspace 	delete previous char
    delete 	delete next char
    delete_end_line 	delete until end of line
    delete_beginning_line 	delete until beginning of line
    delete_line 	delete entire line
    delete_previous_word 	delete previous word
    delete_next_word 	delete next word
    clipboard_paste 	paste current clipboard content
    transpose_chars 	transpose chars
    home 	go to beginning of line
    end 	go to end of line
    left 	move one char left
    previous_word 	move to previous word
    right 	move one char right
    next_word 	move to next word
    up 	call previous command in history
    up_global 	call previous command in global history
    down 	call next command in history
    down_global 	call next command in global history
    page_up 	scroll one page up
    page_down 	scroll one page down
    scroll_up 	scroll a few lines up
    scroll_down 	scroll a few lines down
    scroll_top 	scroll to top of buffer
    scroll_bottom 	scroll to bottom of buffer
    scroll_topic_left 	scroll left topic
    scroll_topic_right 	scroll right topic
    nick_beginning 	display beginning of nicklist
    nick_end 	display end of nicklist
    nick_page_up 	scroll nicklist one page up
    nick_page_down 	scroll nicklist one page down
    jump_smart 	jump to buffer with activity
    jump_dcc 	jump to DCC buffer
    jump_raw_data 	jump to raw IRC data buffer
    jump_last_buffer 	jump to last buffer
    jump_previous_buffer 	jump to previous buffer
    jump_server 	jump to server buffer
    jump_next_server 	jump to next server
    switch_server 	switch active server on servers buffer
    scroll_previous_highlight 	scroll to previous highlight in buffer
    scroll_next_highlight 	scroll to next highlight in buffer
    scroll_unread 	scroll to first unread line in buffer
    set_unread 	set unread marker on all buffers
    hotlist_clear 	clear hotlist
    infobar_clear 	clear infobar
    refresh 	refresh screen
    grab_key 	grab a key
    insert 	insert a string in command line
    search_text 	search text in buffer history

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