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    Yes thats how im doing mine right now....im with bigpond (Australia) you will need to find the mail server it runs on e.g mine is mail.bigpond.com (that's for all bigpond clients)...ill send you a screen shot of how to get this:

    1.Open up Outlook
    2. Go To "Tools"
    3. Go Down To Account Settings

    Then Under The E-mail Tab you will see your account (Look At 1st Attachment)Double click on the Account, and a new window will pop up

    Then Look at the 2nd Attachment Everything you see on that pop up is what you need for your ipod's email account set up - ill show you how in Attachment 3

    Now when you click save at the end it might come up with a few messages just click OK or YES all the time...it does take a while so be patient

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