[TUT]Change the Font in iTunes 9.

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    How to change the font in iTunes 9

    This tutorial edits iTunes files and is done at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage done to your iTunes install or your computer. Although I will provide as much assistance as I can.

    Things needed:

    iTunes 9 (no brainer)
    Hex editor of some kind (Hex workshop, HXD, Etc.)
    Font creator (optional, but recommended)
    If you don’t have font creator you will need to hex the font title yourself (I will go over the basics but you will need to know what you are doing for it to work)
    Common sense (in other word backup all files that you will edit)

    Step 1: Selecting a font

    First of all you need to navigate to you fonts folder which can be found at

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    In here you will find your entire font selection. Some will be in stacks and some will not, to access a stacked font just double click to see the font variations.
    After you have selected your font you need to copy it and paste it to your documents folder.
    If you don’t have Font creator go to step 2a, if you have Font creator go to step 2b.

    Step 2a: Hex editing the font.

    First open you font in a hex editor.
    Now you need to find the font name in the hex code but the name is split with “.” But these are “00” dots so to search for them you will need to know the hex code for the title of your font.
    You can use This tool to see the hex for your font (when typing the font be sure to use the correct capitalisation otherwise you will get the wrong hex code)
    When you have the hex code you need to remove the “%”’s from it so if you had:
    You will now have:
    Now you need to add “00” between every set of two digits like so:
    Now that you have your hex code open up the font with your hex editor
    Go to the find and replace function and select Hex code from the drop down menu
    Now paste in your final hex code into the find box e.g.
    Now add “00” to the end of this code to make it the same length as that^^ Code
    Now paste it into the replace box and you should have something like this

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    IMPORTANT!: make sure it’s the same length otherwise it won’t work correctly
    Press ok and a message should pop up saying 6 instances replaced
    Save the font and exit the Hex editor
    You’re font is not edited

    2b: Editing the Font with Font creator.

    Open your font with font creator
    Go to Format and Naming...
    Now change the font family name and font full name to
    And change the font subfamily name to

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    Now save your font
    Your font is now edited

    Step3: Install your font.

    To install your font simply double click it and click the install button at the top and your done

    Step 4: Editing the iTunes file to display the font

    First navigate to your iTunes language folder normally located at:
    C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\

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    In this folder you will find a bunch of folders with language tags pick the correct one for the language you use in iTunes.

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    Once in the correct folder scroll down till you see “iTunesLocalized.qtr”

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    Open this file with your Hex editor
    Click the find and replace tool, select text string and type “Tahoma” in the find box and “123456” in the replace box

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    Click ok and it should pop up saying 108 instances replaced
    Save the file and a backup and exit

    Step 5: Enjoy

    Open iTunes and your New font should be in action.

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    If you use the English language you can have two different fonts installed at the same time and switch between the two by editing the en.iproj file and the en-GB.iproj file and switch fonts using the language option in the preferences menu. you will have to create2 font files though naming them both different e.g. "234567" or some other 6 digit name.

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