Turning iTouch into Wifi Hotspot via Adhoc?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ensifer, Nov 29, 2009.

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    I'm fairly certain this is a different question from what people usually need to know when they are talking about Adhoc and iTouch. I've gotten my iTouch to work wirelessly through Ad-hoc already, so this isn't about that.

    I want to know if the iTouch is capable of sending its own wifi signal as though it were a wifi access point, using the connection it receives by a computer's adhoc.

    Breaking it down a bit in case my question is a bit confusing.

    1. The computer is connected to the internet through an ethernet.
    2. There is no wireless router/wireless usb dongle.
    3. The computer is wireless capable, so it can create an adhoc network to share its internet connection to the iTouch.
    4. iTouch is now able to connect to the internet, but are there any apps I could use to turn that internet connection into a wifi hotspot using the iTouch?

    I looked into the apps PDAnet and mywi, but those apps seem to only assume you're using the 3gs Iphone internet to share with your computer/other techs. I don't think those programs can do what I want to do, unless I'm missing something.

    Oh and please don't tell me "Go buy a wireless router" or "Go buy a wireless usb dongle." I'm very well aware those are solutions, but they don't answer the question. If the iTouch can't do it, just say so. Thanks.

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