Trying to delete an embarrasing picture...

Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by roldy, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    Hey so I put this wallaper from the "wallpaper" app from appaday source into my library. The only place I can find it on my ipod touch is in settings, general, wallpaper, then it's with all the wallpaper that the touch came with. This wallpaper is reallllly wierd, the only reason I saved it was because it is kind of an inside joke with my friend and I wanted him to see it. I really wanna get it off my touch cause it would be reallllly awkward if anyone found this lol. I use winscp and I couldn't find where the regular ipod touch wallpapers were or the wallpaper that I saved was which I'm guessing is the same place. Does anyone know the place where I can find these wallpapers so I can delete this embarrassing picture, or any other way of getting it off my touch? If anyone knows please post how or pm me....Please!
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    Well If you clicked add to camera roll, or whatever the other option is when you tap the screen using wallpaper, It throws that file into the folder you sync your photos to on your computer. Just find the folder on your computer and delete it and sync it to get rid of it.
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    where you want to go to is /Library (NOT /var/root/Library) and you see the 'Wallpaper' folder. the 'import' ones are the ones that added (the ones with the numbers are the apple stock wallpapers, and each wallpaper has a '.thumbnail' that you should delete as well)
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    I have got sort of the opposite problem

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    I want to SSH an image over to my ipod - I am at work and cant install iTunes here to sync....anyway, I currently have NO photo's on my iPod - what is the filepath of the folder i should place the photo in so I can view it with


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