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    Trust PowerMaster Battery Pack PW2882p

    Thats the full name of this thingy. I was actually looking for a batterypack for my ipaq. I only use this terrible device for the tomtom software and use it on my motorcycle to tell the way. I tried to hook it up to the motorcycle battery but those 12 to 24volt -> usb converters for your car do not work for some reason (motorbattery output = 13.8V, I'd say thats between 12 and 24 eh). The battery of this windows retardbile device only lasts for 20 minutes or so, a new battery costs like €30. Then I ran into this batterypack which only costed €15 and had a capacity of 2800mAh instead of the 1530mAh of the expensive Ipaq battery. Next to the friendly price and bigger capacity it has another good part: It works with ipods and other usb devices too. It wouldn't be the first time to grab my ipod in the morning, finding out i forgot to charge it during the night.

    I have a jailbroken 1st gen Ipod touch running firmware 2.2 and its filled with fancy apps of all kind. The downside of all these fancy apps is that they drain your battery very quickly. According to this website the ipodtouch battery has a capacity of 900mAh. 2800/900 = 3,1 so it should extend the batterylife of my ipod 3 times longer. Instead of charging my ipod every 2 days I can use it for almost a week without normal recharge.
    I didn't try batterylife with my ipaq yet because the roads are filled with snow and drine, mr motorcycle can stay in my warm garage for now.

    The batterypack comes with a usb charging cable only, so you will have to use your original ipodcable to charge it. In my case this isn't a problem because I have 4 cables (2 from ipodmini's and 1 from ipodvideo and the cable from the ipodtouch ofcourse), but if you have the cable plugged in the back of your computer and need to remove it everytime you want to use the batterypack it could be a very unhandy thing. Loosing the ipodcable on the go with no spare around isn't much of a fest either.
    The pack is very light and compact, it measures 7,3*7x3*1,5cm. It has 4 LEDs on the side and a small button. If you press this button the LEDs will show you how much charge you have left (0, 25, 50, 75 or 100%). Simple, but very effective.

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    So, its cheap, works with all ipods and usb devices that can use a 5V/500mA connection and has a larger capacity than the battery of the ipodtouch and ipaq. But Captainaids, does it have any downsides? Well, have a look at these pictures:

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    I would not have believed it if I didn't cut it out of the sealed blisterpack myself. It looks like somebody tried to open it with a flat screwdriver without taking the screws out. I guess this is the reason why its cheap. Even though the battery is covered in cheapness it doesn't feel like it will fall apart. You can't sqeeze the sides to make the grooves disapear, it's just the way this thing is made.
    Beside the terrible housing it has another drawback: It takes 5 hours to charge. Not much of a problem for me because often my computer is running all night long, but not everyone is going to like this.

    Was it worth the money? Yes, it may look totally crap and take 5 hours to charge, but it only costs €15 and does a perfect job powering your ipod and other devices.

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