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    TrueCombat:Elite Free ET MOD Hears is more news about it pls read it and try it
    if you have any problems with instaling the game and some other stuf you can always add
    me on Xfire login: blanci0r or just email me at for any help

    Download the .49 version this is the last one that come out and new one on the way already .50

    Main sides



    HUD Legend


    TC:E, Truecombat Elite, TCElite is a modern world total conversion modification of the free, popular, stand-alone FPS (first-person shooter) Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Meaning, Truecombat Elite is an entirely free game, made by gamers, for gamers.

    TC:E is currently being developed by GrooveSix Studios and TeamTerminator. While TeamTerminator is known for the famous Q3 based TrueCombat series, GrooveSix Studios was initiated by retired TeamTerminator co-founder Coroner to develop a Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification that is not released. Thus, as very experienced Quake3 based content creators, we hope to be able to serve the gaming community with a quality offering.
    Now, the most important question: "What can you expect from TC:E?" TCE is a tactical-team shooter, set up in a modern-world environment. TC:E puts you into the role of elite mercenary soldier in the conflicts of two internationally operating forces.

    SpecOps vs. Terrors The Global Intervention Force (GIF626) is a special force formed of the top of the world experts joining from US Delta force, UK SAS, German KSK and GSG9, to mention a few. An international mercenary organization known as "The Unit" is their opponent. It is reported that some of these dudes are were once with the above forces, but the lure of money is strong. You say "Yet another terror counter-terrorism shooter. Why the hell should I go for it?". We say "Cause you don't have to spend a cent and it features:"

    The True Combat Timeline.

    Europe servers

    US servers
    [SeF] OBJ Server #1

    Europe server
    Ther is many more servers then only those MUCH MORE i just name the one i like

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