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    2G iPod touch
    What you will need

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    Cydia app iFile (4 the font change on slider)
    App u will search for is (Slide to unlock Killer) follow the video.I am sure there is another way but this is how i do it.
    & OpenSSH .

    This is my first Theme.

    I love the show True Blood so I did a Lafayette(Actor Nelsan Ellis) theme .I also did a Eric True Blood theme next post.The Lock Screen is Lafayette & the slider says (Hookah)the way he says it.When you slide it the sound is of him saying (Ring Ring Hooker Ring Ring).

    The Home screen wallpaper is the new Promotional poster of him.So The path that you follow to place the folder is in your /private/var/stash/Themes You will have the sound file (TBLAF) in the Theme folder(TB Lafayette.Theme) u have to take that out of the folder place it in the theme folder like u just did.Unplug ipod from the usb hit Winterboard check mark TB Laf for sound then Tb Lafayette images.Now to change the text slider follow the video above.I hope this works.I hope I explained it good.

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    If u have any probs contact me.

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