Troubles with starting FF7

Discussion in 'Playstation 1 (PSX) Emulator (psx4iphone)' started by khoiavo, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Im new to jailbreaking ipod and putting roms into ipods so i could need some help. <REMOVED>. I used winscp, went in to media, made a folder called ROMs went in and made another folder called PSX. Then i dragged the bin file from desktop to the PSX folder. Now on my psx4iphone, i pressed te final fantasy VII disc 1 thingie and the game starts (heres is my first problem: the lagg, i've been told <REMOVED>, but what do i do after that? sorry for being such a n00b)
    Then when i press the new game button, it sends me back to the desktop. Is it cause of my app? or is it cause of my Final Fantasy ROM? in case it's because of the Final Fantasy ROM <REMOVED>


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    Read the rules please before you post again.

    Thus a red card and a 24hr ban. I have also edited your post to remove the links and illegal requests.

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