Troubles making a Transparent Pixel :@

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    2G iPod touch

    I used a guide, to flash the Firmware to add a custom boot logo.

    I requested a Guinness boot logo. Which was made and sent to me in the right format.

    This Worked. After i flashed the nor n sh*t.

    Now i have tried to make my own boot logo.

    Which when i renamed and placed into the Nor flashing firmware thing. iTunes did not respond. Tried this with different pictures no luck. And they were in right format (.img3) and in right Size.

    I then found i needed to have at least ONE Transparent pixel. Someone told me that GIMP Was capable of this. I have still not been able to make a working boot logo. I used the eraser tool, no luck. And could not get the transparent background n sh*t to work.

    So, my main question.

    How do i add, A transparent pixel, Easily?

    I will attach the picture i am trying to edit.

    It is the one i have tried to ad a transparent pixel to.

    So down at the bottom left. there is a small gap.

    Can anyone help me make a transparent pixel?

    in GIMP?

    Or another FREE Program?


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    It should be as easy as selecting one pixel and deleting that (not erasing) so the background checkerboard is visible through it.

    What you can also do is download irfanview, a tiny little image viewer, open the picture, save it again as a PNG and you will see transparency among the saving options. Check that, save, pikc a transparent color (best pick a black pixel).

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