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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by walkie.talkie, Sep 27, 2009.

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    Alright I finally got myself an iPhone and it should be here tomorrow. Me, my brother, and a room mate all have a ATT plan together. I got a refurbed 8GB 3G for $50 online from ATT, but I had to use my brothers phone upgrade to get it. So the phone is linked to his number and not mine...we will be getting this fixed as soon as our room mate (primary account holder) gets back in town. My current phone has no data. Is there a way I can just play with the iPhone tomorrow (room mate wont be back in town yet) by activating it with my current sim ( one with no data) or if I jailbreak it and leave activate iPhone unchecked will I be able to activate it later. I am very confused by this and I am just wondering what my options will be to be able to play with this thing ASAP. Thanks

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