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    Hey all. I have customized my iPod with a sound theme that plays the Transformers morphing sound when I lock my iPod Touch.

    So I have included the files in a .zip file containing lock.caf and unlock.caf
    (I'm not sure if Mac's handle zip files so if you guys want another format tell me).

    After extraction, place the "Transformers Lock-Unlock Sounds" folder in [root]/Library/Themes (you must have Winterboard installed, obviously on a jailbroken iPod). If you don't, follow the instructions on this site - - where I got the files from, but I won't recommend messing with the original framework files.

    However, I renamed the resultant lock.caf to unlock.caf and vice versa because I thought they sounded better my way...but it's up to you (in the audio files attached, they are already renamed to my liking plus they are already in the .caf format and proper folder's just a matter of extract and drag-and-drop. There are a lot more steps involved in the link).

    Please, I am not taking credit for the other guys work, I just loved the theme and thought you guys would also, so I just thought that putting this here would allow a lot more people to have access to it.

    I am new to the site, and if this is against the Board Rules, please tell me.

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