Transfering new Themes & Icons to iPod using WinSCP

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by The Crow, Mar 24, 2009.

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    O.k, I have downloaded WinSCP no problems and know basically how to use it. I have went to several free sites with Themes/Icons/Wallpaper/and packages, and I have created a folder on my desktop of my computer and named it Themes and inside there are semi-folder names (Icons/Themes/Wallpapers/and Packages). So my question is this and hopefully someone can PM me or give me exact details on how to do this correctly, so if I open up WinSCP and open up the Folders on the left side (my computer area). Where do I go on the right side of WinSCP (the iPod area) to transfer the new Icons/Themes/Wallpapers/and Packages? Also can I put my own names on them on the right side while in WinSCP so I know exactly what they are when they show up in Winterboard? I hope I am being understandable, because all I want to do is to start creating my own Themes and Icons for my iPod because I am getting bored of the Cydia ones and oh yeah my iPod is a 1G 8gb.
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    I suck at SSH'ing

    if you want an easier solution, just use Cyder, its like cydia but on ur pc and u can transfer the files over to ur ipod
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    This is a Theme for WinterBoard

    .....-->com.tapulous.TapTap, etc
    -->Icons (Has your icons.)
    .....-->, etc.
    -->UIImages (Custom Images for files from other.artwork.)
    -->UISounds (Custom Sounds for New Mail, Unlock, etc.)
    -->Wallpaper.png (Wallpaper.)
    -->Page0.png, Page1.png, etc (Per-Page Wallpapers.)
    -->LockBackground.png (LockScreen Background)
    -->Dock.png (Dock Image.)
    -->StatusBar.png (Status Bar.)

    A theme for WinterBoard can have any of those Items. Not all are needed.

    You must put your files in the right place, Icons into /Icons, Modified Images from Applications in /Bundles or /Folders, Custom UIImages into /UIImages, etc. They must also be named correctly.

    Once done, use WinSCP to navigate to /Library/Themes. Drag the .theme folder into /Library/Themes.

    If this is confusing or hard to understand, ask and I can attempt to make it easier for you.

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