Transfering large files to iPod?

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by oasisbackbeat, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I've been researching a lot, but couldnt find a good answer on how to do this...I would like to copy very large files into my iPod to later transfer them to my computer...same deal as if it was a flash, the thing is that i thought i could do it by SSH it, but everytime i try something bigger than 100 mb, it sends me an error saying that I do not have enough space. I know i do, and that shouldnt be the problem, so I tried putting the file into different folders...but Nothing...still the same answer.

    So, any of you smart friends, could help me with this issue??? Also, I read something about speeding up the file transfer...but still cant figure it out...OH and by the way I have a Mac. I know there is a thread for this but only for Windows...

    Thank you all,
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    have u tried to copy it into var/root/ ???

    i tried to copy scummvm games in another directory and i have also that error message!
    but someone in the scummvm board says u must copy it into /var/root/ but dunnow if it works with files larger then 100mb, never done that.
    but try that option, maybe it helps

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    I answered in your other topic. Try not to make multiple threads of the same post.

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