Transfer Music from Itunes... to PC .. ?

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    Transfer Music from Itunes... to PC .. ? Help !!

    Hey ,

    Itunes to Pc .. I know this sounds wierd .

    Let me explain..

    Well , My Pc crashed couple of Months ago , so for the time bieng I copied Music from ipod to Pc to get My Music back ( by copying Music from my Ipod control folder in the Ipod and added it to Itunes .) .

    Now the Problem Is I am a long time Winamp user so I want to add those songs to make playlist in Winamp but those songs are saved in a wierd way by Itunes's file saving protocol ( F00, F01 etc ) which means i cannot identify them and hence cannot add to winamp or any other player individually from folders .

    Now there are many softwares that allow to transfer music from ipod to Pc but as my Music collection is much bigger that my ipod's capacity i will have to transfer parts of it to ipod and then to Pc which is a long and tedious Process .

    is there any other way..... or any software that could do that for me ?

    I.e. is there any way to break ipods unusual file saving protocol ?

    I hope i have made my problem clear .

    Your help will be really appreciated .

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