TracFone SIM with iPhone 3G?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by holbikwolff10, Nov 22, 2010.

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    I'm probably about to be getting an unlocked iPhone 3G, and I've already got a TracFone. I know that TracFone uses proprietary firmware on their phones along with their SIM cards, which is why EVERY f***ING RESULT on Google is telling me that, but I really don't see how that gets in the way of using the SIM card. Why couldn't that proprietary firmware just be mocked on a jailbroken iPhone to make the SIM / network think that it's a TracFone?

    Basically, my question is if anyone knows of anything I could put on the iPhone to make it act as a TracFone and work with a TracFone SIM, and if you just tell me that you can't because of proprietary software or the (nonexistent) lack of GSM, I will punch you in the face.

    Sorry for coming off as rude, but a bunch of idiots arguing is all I've been finding for the bast two hours on Google, and I'm getting really frustrated with it.
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    I can't say I disagree. I have Googled this multiple times and some people say you can, but no one has. The reason is that the SIM card is locked to that specific TracFone's IMEI. If you put that SIM in anything other than it's "home phome" it will not work.

    My thought a while back was to change my iPhone IMEI using ZiPhone to match that of my Tracfone. However, that is apparently extremly illegal and can't be discussed on this board. And I found on Google where other have tried and still didn't work.

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    Looks like it'll never happen.
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    I can get/recieve calls/texts on my iphone 3g with my tracfone for a short period.. then it will no longer be able to connect to a network.. whats potentially great, is everything i did while the card was in the iphone, did not deduct minutes after putting it back in my tracfone.. any help would be great..

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