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    After I bought my IPT4, I bought the Gear4 TPU case two days after at Bestbuy for $29.99. The day before I bought this case, I ordered another TPU case from Now that I have used both, I would like to share to those who are looking into purchasing TPU cases.

    As I mentioned earlier, the Gear4 case cost $29.99. Where I am from, there were very few cases to choose from as the IPT4 just came out. I had to buy what I can find.
    Those who have been to Handhelditems know that their cases are extremely affordable. The one I ordered only cost $6.99.
    Result: IGg wins for only costing $6.99.

    Both cases feel the same in terms of thickness. So shock protection won't be the deciding factor here. There are only two differences between the two cases. The first is the bottom of the Gear4 is completely open while the iGg has 5mm extra TPU which covers the area between the headphone jack and the 30-pin connector. Second, the Gear4 has a bigger hole for the back camera than the IGg.
    Result: Tie, b/c the extra material on the IGg is not enough reason to choose one over the other.

    This is purely subjective. The Gear4 is simple while the IGg has an argyle design which I love.
    Result: IGg wins based on the back pattern.

    Access to buttons:
    This is the round that will decide the winner. Having played with both cases, one case definitely came out on top and blown the other one away. *Drumroll*
    Result: Gear4 wins hands down. I had a very tough time with the iGg when it came to pressing the sleep/wake and volume buttons. Since most TPU cases cover all the buttons, the placement/cutting of these "holes or lack thereof" is very important. If they don't line up properly, the buttons will become very hard to press. I can actually see that the IGg does not line up with all three buttons. Those who has an IPT4 knows that the buttons are already placed at an extreme curve which makes it hard to access compared to previous generations. If the case doesn't do its job, the buttons will create a lot of frustration for the user.

    OVERALL RESULT: Just counting the four rounds, IGg would win. However, the Gear4 is the real winner here. It might not be the most exciting case to look at and it might have 5-6mm less TPU than IGg, but at the end of the day, I feel that the buttons are more important than looks. Hence, *****GEAR4 FOR THE WIN!!!!!*****

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