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    hello everyone! as you may have already heard, Codify Ab's newest game, "Touchgrind", is now in the appstore! If you are looking for a review of the game before you purchase it or if you just wanna know what the hype is all about, im here to tell ya! (please note that this review is meant to be neutral)


    basically, the whole point of touchgrind is to just have fun skating around in a limited area and skating on 12 different boards.


    The user interface gets an "A+" as well as the 3d graphics. The game has sound effects and also included is the ability to turn off the sound effects and listen to your own music! Amazingly enough, the game doesnt lag at ALL!!! Another great aspect of the game is that the physics that the game has is truely amazing.


    1.) The game doesnt allow you to customize or make your own boards.
    2.) Turning in the game is pretty hard to do.
    3.) There is only a certain amount of tricks you (the player) can do and after awhile it can get pretty boring.
    4.) There is only 1 skatepark
    5.) Trying to do tricks can sometimes be very difficult.

    other than these minor letdowns, everything about this game is really really well done.

    This game gets a **** (4 out of 5) stars from me.
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    Apr 11, 2008
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    oh sick!!! im buyin this right now!!!
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    why cant i see it?
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    IMHO, those "letdowns" aren't minor lol. They are exactly what I would expect in a game like this. I'm not gonna say no to this, but I think I will wait for some updates before I get it.
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    this game hasnt been exited since i bought it. i opened it, turned on my music via double-home-click, went back to the game, and havent been "home" since. i just keep putting it to sleep. its amazing. its like a techdeck in your pocket. buy it. NOW

    and for the minor letdowns:
    1. you CAN customize your own boards via SSH
    2. turning isnt hard if you prepare for what your skating like real life (zoom button)
    3. you can do almost all the tricks you can do on a skateboard minus pressure tricks, grabs, and casper-flip like tricks.
    4. there is two skate parks. 2nd one is in private/var/mobile/applications/
    5. thats cause you suck no offense but i can hit everything. kickflip back crooks. nollie trey flips. back smiths. kickflip back tail. this game is f'ing amazing.
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    hmmm. i was suspecting that it'll get boring after a while. might still get it though.

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