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    Bejeweled 2 by Pop Cap Games

    The objective of Bejeweled 2 is to swap one gem with an adjacent similar one to form a chain of three or more gems. When this chain is formed, the gems all disappear and resulting in new gems falling from the top as replacements. Sometimes falling gems line up together, causing what is known as a Cascade (chain reaction).

    This is the "original" gameplay of Bejeweled 2, whereby the player matches gems together and the subsequent chains will contribute to a level-up bar at the bottom of the screen. When this bar reaches the end (right side), the current level ends and the game goes on to the next level. The same sequence continues until the player runs out of moves.

    Originally known as "Timed", the level-up bar begins at the halfway mark, which starts to deplete upon commencement of gameplay. The player has to match the gems to gain extra time until the level-up bar reaches the end and the game goes to the next level. The game ends when the level-up bar hits zero (left side), i.e. the player has run out of time.

    This is an untimed and never-ending version of Bejeweled 2. Previously, Endless mode was also unscored but the iPod-version of the game has a score feature already. The player can make any moves they wish and do not have to worry about the game coming to an end!

    Type of Gems
    - Standard Gems: comes in these four shapes and colors - blue diamond, purple triangle, green octagon, and white circle.
    - Power Gems: formed when four gems are formed in a row, or five gems in two intersecting lines of three (i.e. a cross, a T, or an L) are joined together. When the glowing power gems are matched, this results in an explosion of a large area of gems and bringing about huge points gain.
    - Hypercubes: formed when a 5th gem is placed at the middle gap between four similar gems. The hypercubes look like colorful vortices and when joined with any adjoining gem, all the similar ones on the board are destroyed simultaneously (by what looks like powerful laser beams emitting from the hypercube!).

    Game images

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    Bejeweled 2's home screen

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    How the board looks like in Classic mode

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    Hypercube in action

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    Exploding Power Cube taking out surrounding gems with it

    My review of Bejeweled 2
    Finally the popular game for PC and even Palm has made its way to the iPhone / iPod touch platform. This hyper-addictive game is great for hours of relaxation with the Endless mode or even a great time scratching your head and thinking how to gain more time in the Action game. Of course, for more "standard" entertainment, there is always the Classic mode on hand!

    In addition, Pop Cap Games has also included the full 40-minutes soundtrack to the iPod version of Bejeweled 2. Previously, the music was only snippets of the actual soundtrack and I salute Pop Cap for bringing the wonderful music to the iPod version, at long last!

    It's hard to find anything wrong with Bejeweled 2 and this has to be one of the greatest games on the iPod platform, ever!

    10/10 - perfect as it can be!

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    i agree, bejewled 2 is amazing.

    You just made me wanna buy it again

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