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    Todo by Appigo

    Overview (from
    Todo is a powerful tool that makes task management simple and fun. Use Todo by itself or synchronize your tasks to the web or your desktop using a popular online todo list like Toodledo or Remember The Milk (Pro account required for RTM). Todo helps you focus on what matters most and allows you to integrate the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology or your own.

    Great Todo Features
    Focus List
    This is used only to collect the tasks that you need to focus on one view. The Focus list is a built-in list and cannot be renamed or removed and tasks cannot be assigned to it. It is always shown below the All list in the Lists view.

    A new feature recently added to Todo, this allows the user to create a task with sub-items. The master task itself as well as the sub-items can all have their own deadlines as well as assigned tags, contexts, and lists.

    Synchronizing with iCal
    As the title mentioned, this enables Todo to be synced with the PC via the desktop-based iCal. At this moment, iCal only enables sync with a MacOS computer but capability for Outlook is coming soon, hurray for Windows users!

    Custom Strikeouts
    This is a feature that makes Todo look so cool. These strikeouts will denote that a particular task has been completed and there are thirty different styles that can be chosen, according to the user's taste and even mood for the day!

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    Tags are an extremely simple way to add labels to tasks for organization. Unlike Contexts and Lists, tasks can be assigned as many tags as needed, similar to stuff such as saving pictures on Photobucket.

    Pictures of Todo

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    The "Home" page

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    Available Lists in Todo

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    How a Project-based task looks like when completed

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    Types of tasks to choose (categories)

    My review of Todo
    Well, what can I say, this has to be the most feature-packed task manager for the iPod platform today. To be honest, the features are even more amazing than several other similar apps that I have used for the PalmOS, years ago. In fact, an already amazing app has been further enhanced by the guys at Appigo with new features such as Projects. This is in addition to the existing great features like the Focus List, Custom Strikeouts (add a dash of color to completed tasks!), as well as tags and contexts.

    However, Todo is unable to sync with Microsoft Outlook Tasks (pity us Windows users) and the desktop-conduit iCal only runs on Macs. Apparently, Appigo will be releasing the conduit for MS Outlook very soon and I'll be waiting with bated breath!

    9/10 - an almost perfect "todo" app but unfortunately, there is still no sync feature with MS Outlook...

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    I have the lite version that I've been trying out, and like it so far.

    Out of curiosity, does this app ever go on sale?
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