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    So you have an iPod touch and you want to further extend it's capabilities from just media player.. to a true PDA. This is what this thread was designed for. Let's get started.

    Let's start with the hidden gems that most people know, and others don't.

    There is a hidden screenshot function in your iPod touch on version 2.0. To use it, hold down the home button and while pressing the sleep/wake button to take snapshot. You will have a snapshot of your iPhone located in your photo library.

    Youtube videos are now embedded into Safari. Try this out by going to a site that has one embedded. It launches youtube right there on the spot. Pretty useful if you ask me.

    The locate me feature is even more accurate now as it uses what I call "Follow-Me" technology. When in Maps, press the bottom left button that looks like a target. It should, if all goes well, will zoom in to your location near your wifi hotspot. Now with 2.0 Maps, you can go around town and it will actually follow you on the go wherever a hotspot is available because each hotspot gives off a certain location. Very nice.

    In Calendars, you can now have more than one calendar at at time. It's very useful if you want to be organized like I am. To set calendar's up, just to to iCal or whatever calendar app you use on Windows.

    Use the App Store to maximize the true ability of your iPod with breathtaking games, easy to use applications, or great internet utilities. You're choice. Yet if you want to go even further, when PWNAGE comes out for 2.0, you can even go past the barriers Apple limits you to with the SDK for true system access.. and background processes. You can even have both the App Store and Installer on the same iPhone. It should work beautifully.

    If you want an internal speaker like the iPhone has, simply buy this little adapter from deal extreme. That what I used when I had an iPod touch. It's very nice and sturdy.

    If you want a microphone, you can mod yourself one like I did using an iVoice, or buy and support TouchMod's microphone instead. Again, your choice.

    So that's it. That's really all the hidden gems I know about the iPod touch... well.. the ones that Apple gives you option to from the start. It can go a WHOLE lot deeper when you jailbreak because of the system access but.. whatever. Thanks for reading!

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