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Discussion in 'Site feedback, suggestions, and discussions' started by Renegade, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Alright, to sum things up it's been just a little while since I posted here. Not too long, but long enough. Anyways that's not what I'm here to talk about. I come back at a time when Apples touchscreen products are still doing amazing on the market. Everyone knows about the iPod Touch, The iPhone, and now slowly progressing... The iPad. All great devices that either everyone hates or everyone loves. Either way the 3 are in the conversation somehow.

    Well, as signing into this site I noticed a little link at the top right of iPodTouchFans leading to iPadIMO. I'm guessing this is a sister site that's main direction is pointed towards discussion of the iPad? Correct? The site popped some memories back into my head and reminded me of iPhoneFanatics and Multi-TouchFans. Both websites that statistically never came anywhere near iPodTouchFans in "greatness". So heres my idea.

    Why not form iPodTouchFans into a website that focuses on all devices? We already have a section here (that not too many people visit) focused on the iPhone and I'm pretty sure the iPad too? Anyways, imagine the site named something like "Touchfans" or something similar to it. Focused on all touch apple devices.

    We bring in much more guests and members (hopefully those that are helpful, useful, and productive of course). If they have any interest and knowledge in the iPhone or iPad, then surely they will be able to help others with any information on the iPod touch.

    Keep the front page the way it is, with certain sections. If the user wishes to just see things based on the iPod touch/AppStore games, then they can. If they want to see things based on just news of the iPhone, they can. Create an widebased filter system for the frontpage? If it's possible of course.

    This will hopefully keep things in one whole community, rather than trying to bring it into 3 different ones... Basically, slowly turn iPodTouchFans into Touchfans. A site focused on everything, rather than on JUST the iPod touch.

    Any thoughts possibly?
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    I couldn't agree more. I personally think that having one main forum makes things easier and elegant. And i also think that people will post in the iPad section more often due to the easier accessibility on the forum being one whole. But that is just my opinion.
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    Sounds good.

    I'm looking for a nice WP7S forum... Hey bgizzle: got any plans on that one? Probably not, seeing as how all the non-apple sites you've done fail (i.e. Touch Zune)

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