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    i made a tethered jailbreake and it works ok.

    then my pc get some bugs and wont start no more so i installed windows in a other new folder.
    then i realised to click on the "start windows in last known working state" and the old windows works further.

    so now some software on my pc makes sh*t. firefox says that he cant start securitythings cause a profile-error..

    if i plug my ipod in and start it in dfu-mode there comes a windows assistant for new hardwaredriver up. the redsnowlite.exe cant start cause errors.
    itunes cant find the ipod, too.

    i already reinstalled itunes but the driver-installing-assistant comes everytime and finds nothing.

    do anybody know where to get these driver manually? (the assistant says that my hardware named only "usb-device")

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    i plugged the ipod-usb in an other usb-port, then the hardware-assistent comes up with a hardware named "apple recovery (dfu) usb driver". automated installing wont work so i searched and found the path to the itunes-ipod-drivers: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers this in the manual-field in hardware-assistent and all works fine.

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