touch 1g taking unnecessarily long to charge

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by rye10516, May 5, 2010.

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    I have used it regularly since December of whatever year it was when it came out. It's been at 10% for at about half an hour, and i tried charging both using my computer and a AC adapter. I'm pretty sure its not the cable I'm using because it still syncs, and the icon that says its charging is on. It died while it was charging when i left it playing music for my new parakeet... and i just looked at it and it died while it was doing nothing (how is that possible)... and its been showing the battery thing with a lighting bold under it for at least 5 minutes now and it still hasn't came back on. Anyway, this morning it was at 100% when i woke up, and it didnt die until i was playing music for the bird, which was about 3-4:00. What should I do?

    TL;DR - My ipod dies while charging, but it doesn't die super fast when it does get to 100% (so the battery capacity cant be that low). What should I do?

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