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    Hi, I am in the UK and would like to be able to listen to Pandora radio..
    But its not 'allowed'. I do this on my PC by use of TOR.

    With a little google search I found that it has been ported to the iPhone, and it appears was made in to a workable app by someone. I just can't find any more info on it.

    So, I know it's possible (if you believe what you read) so can anyone else actually deliver a working tor app that people like me can then use to browse the Internet with anonymity and or use to fool Pandora into thinking your in the states
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    2G iPod touch
    Hey man I am also on the hunt for a way to get tor operational on my ipod touch. If I find something i will let you know.
    If you need Pandora to think you are in the states or wherever why dont you just set up a proxy with your ipods internet connection?
    Settings>Wifi>Click the BLUE arrow next to your connection>All the way at the bottom click "manual" then type in the server and port number.
    For example server: Port: 808 <-- That is a proxy server in China.

    For more proxy servers go to :

    Hope i helped. : )

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