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Discussion in 'Site feedback, suggestions, and discussions' started by luigispinal, Dec 5, 2007.

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    I there administrators and moderators, i just had an idea and i hope you like it..

    My idea is simple, i have seen to much complains about the search bar and stuff, i honestly dont use the search bar cause its a pain.
    But it would be nice to have a personal option of 3 or 4 quick view threads, mm... how can i explain my self?, you search and search in your extra time for threads in other sub-forums, as ipod touch games for example, and see a thread in the gpsphone that you where looking for, but you have to leave the ipodtouchfans web page (sadly).

    Ok the next day you log on to the page and try searching the tread that you looked the day before.. and search and search and search and puff.. nothing.. instead of just getting upset and annoying other people by opening a "big-silly-question-thread", why not have an option on the thread that allows you to add to your top threads?, the next day you just have to click on your thread link and voila!! you are in the thread that you where the day before..

    Its like and personal sticky..

    I hope its a good idea, and, please sorry for the spelling im from the spanish sub-forum, so.. i needed to contribuited with something

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