Top 15 Beatles songs

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    Back in the days of The Beatles, most albums had 14 to 15 songs.

    So, make your ideal Beatles album, consisting of 15 songs. Rank the songs from least favorite to favorite. Also, feel free to make a catchy title.

    1.Cry Baby Cry


    3.Let It Be

    4.Strawberry Fields Forever


    6.Hey Jude

    7.If I Fell

    8.Come Together


    10.Nowhere Man

    11.In My Life

    12.Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

    13.Paperback Writer

    14.A Day in the Life

    15.She's Leaving Home

    So, if you don't understand how to rank it, think of it like this: She's Leaving Home is my favorite of all these tracks (of all Beatles songs actually) and Cry Baby Cry is my least favorite of these tracks (but still my 15th favorite Beatles song).
  2. Mr. Gone

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    May 21, 2009
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    1. Act Naturally

    2. Yesterday

    3. A Taste of Honey

    4. I saw her standing there

    5. Please Please me

    6. Please Mr. Postman

    7. Im Happy Just to Dance With You

    8. Things We Said Today

    9. Octopus' Garden

    10. Help!

    11. Getting Better

    12. From Me To You

    13. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

    14. Let It be

    and 15...

    Sgt. peppers Lonely Heart Club Band
  3. Sarcasm Siempre

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    1) Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
    2) Hey Bulldog
    3) Eleanor Rigby*
    4) Here Comes the Sun*
    5) Revolution
    6) Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)**
    7) Twist and Shout
    8) Roll Over Beethoven
    9) I Am The Walrus
    10) All You Need Is Love
    11) Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    12) Yesterday*
    13) Hey Jude
    14) Getting Better
    15) A Day in the Life

    *If possible, get the versions from Love.
    **If possible, get the Anthology II version. It's much less polished, but sounds way better.
  4. JonnySK

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    1. I Am The Walrus
    2. Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!
    3. Drive My Car
    4. All You Need Is Love
    5. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    6. Rock and Roll Music
    7. Helter Skelter
    8. Day Tripper
    9. Ticket To Ride
    10. Twist and Shout
    11. Strawberry Fields Forever (Love Version)
    12. Octopus's Garden
    13. A Day In The Life
    14. I'm Only Sleeping
    15. What You're Doing
  5. Fenderboy

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    That is tough.. I can't really put it in a particular order.

    1) Hey Jude
    2) I've Just Seen a Face
    3) You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
    4) Strawberry Fields Forever
    5) All You Need is Love
    6) Blackbird
    7) Got to Get You into My Life
    8) Let it Be
    9) With a Little Help from My Friends
    10) Here Comes the Sun
    11) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    12) Come Together
    13) Get Back
    14) Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    15) Hello, Goodbye

    Gotta love The Beatles!
  6. NinetyFour

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    I cannot, CANNOT put these in order from greatest to least, they are all teh awesum.

    1. Strawberry Fields Forever
    2. Across the Universe
    3. Octopus's Garden
    4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    5. Let It Be
    6. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    7. Come Together
    8. Something
    9. Oh! Darling
    10. Blackbird
    11. Revolution (1)
    12. Eleanor Rigby
    13. Yesterday
    14. Twist and Shout
    15. Hey Jude
  7. iTorment

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    This is helpful to me because i am attempting to listen to these guys and having a list helps.
  8. SkylarEC

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    This is a difficult topic. My list this year is different from my list last year and is different from what next year's list will be. I may also massage track listing with time, so don't think this is set in stone. EDITED to add that this isn't in order from greatest to least greatest. They are arranged in the order I think they should be on a CD.

    1. Twist And Shout
    2. It Won't Be Long
    3. She Said, She Said
    4. Dig A Pony
    5. Michelle
    6. Blackbird
    7. Across The Universe
    8. In My Life
    9. Strawberry Fields Forever
    10. Blue Jay Way
    11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    12. Yer Blues*
    13. Happiness Is a Warm Gun
    14. Abbey Road Medley
      • You Never Give Me Your Money
      • Sun King
      • Mean Mr. Mustard
      • Polythene Pam
      • She Came In through The Bathroom Window
      • Golden Slumbers
      • Carry That Weight
      • The End
    15. I Want You (She's So Heavy)

    My bonus track here would be "If I Fell," but not the Beatles' version. Instead, the version from the newest "Across The Universe" movie, performed by Evan Rachel Wood. Her cover is phenominal.

    *If possible, get the version by The Dirty Mac. The Dirty Mac were a band formed by John Lennon prior to the break up of the Beatles (1968) to play with The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus and consisted of John Lennon (of the Beatles) performing vocals and rhythm guitar, Eric Clapton (of The Yardbirds and Cream) on lead guitar, Keith Richards (of The Rolling Stones) on bass guitar, and Mitch Mitchell (of the Jimi Hendrix Experience) on drums. It is much better than the Beatles' version of the song.
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    I know I'm gonna get majorly flamed by this, but...

    Why the hell are Beatles so "good?" They absolutely suck! Just because they are influential, doesn't mean they are the best. Bring some music in that actually sounds good, not this wimpy Beatles crap.

    Warning I see in my future.
  10. JonnySK

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    No-one in this world has the right to claim that any artist "Sucks" as it's all down to opinion. For example, in my opinion, all metal sucks.

    Plus, metalheads don't know sh*t about the roots of music.


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