Tons of Questions on Pre-Jailbreak

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 3.0 Jailbreak' started by DarkAura17, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Okay, i am jailbreaking tomorrow to the 3.0 firmware. in the process, i'm going to lose all of my stuff. So i backuped pretty much everything but i have a few (many) questions on some stuff. All help is appreciated. Please answer according to number.

    I really don't like upgrading when i already got myself into a big hole. I have so much information and data. I hate how some of my paid and free apps (Shazam, Flick Fishing) only update now for the 3.0 firmware. grrr i wish i didnt have to update.

    1. Why is restoring from backup bad?

    2. Does restoring from backup give your contacts back?

    3. I backuped all of my themes from winterboard via SSH. Will they appear as packages in cydia or will i have to SSH to delete in cydia.

    4. I backuped all of my cydia sources. If i put them in the proper folder, will they appear in cydia sources?

    5. Will all app store apps work with the 3.0 firmware?

    6. When i backuped my music with a paid program, and when i start to put my stuff back into the ipod. Will i see all of the album information, cover art, etc?

    7. When i put all of music back into itunes, will i see how many times each were played?

    8. Will all cydia themes work with the 3.0 firmware?

    9. Will all my calendar events be deleted after i update even after i restore from a backup?

    10. Does live clock and katra weather work for 3.0?
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    it's hard to answer a lot of those questions especially about cydia. cydia is probably getting updated everyday with bug fixes and changing the way it does things. what may have worked on 2.0 firmware may not work now.

    5.) no, i don't know which ones but I got an email from devicescape saying that:

    "We're sorry to tell you that the new firmware 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch disables Easy Wi-Fi. This impacts all versions of our applications. We are trying to work with Apple to find a resolution to this problem. Until we can, you won't be able to use Easy Wi-Fi"

    thats just an example, I'm sure theres many other apps that don't work at all like the above example.

    6.) depending on the program you used. I personally used SharePod, its a free download. all my music kept the information and cover art, exactly as it was. I backed up the music to a folder with sharepod, then cleared my itunes library, enabled "automatically download missing album artwork" in itunes. imported all my music that was backed up back into my itunes library, and then dragged it from library to ipod.

    8.) I'm 100% sure some will have problems. most should work though.

    wish I could answer your other questions.
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    1. It's not...

    2. Yea

    3. WUT???

    4. Yea they should

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