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    Hello All,

    There is a wonderful guide by Apple on how to build native Applications using XCode with the SDK, it is at

    The guide outlines how to make your application take pictures with the camera, access the contacts list, and starts you off with Objective-C!

    The document has the following chapters and appendix.

    1. “iPhone OS Overview” provides a conceptual overview of iPhone OS and how you create applications.
    2. “iPhone OS Technologies” provides an overview of the technologies in iPhone OS and where you can go to get more information about them.
    3. “Development Environment” provides an overview of Xcode tools and how you use them to develop applications for iPhone OS.
    4. “Application Design Guidelines” provides guidance to help you design applications that will run efficiently and be easy for users to understand.
    5. “The Application Environment” contains information about how to use and configure the UIApplication object, which is at the heart of every iPhone application.
    6. “Windows and Views” describes the iPhone windowing model and shows you how you use views to organize your user interface.
    7. “View Controllers” describes the infrastructure available to help you organize your application’s user interface.
    8. “Event Handling” describes the iPhone event model and shows you how to handle Multi-Touch events.
    9. “Graphics and Drawing” describes the graphics architecture of iPhone OS and shows you how to draw shapes and images and incorporate animations into your content.
    10. “Audio and Video Technologies” shows you how to use the audio and video technologies available in iPhone OS.
    11. “Integration Features” shows you how to integrate features such as location tracking, the accelerometers, and the built-in camera into your application.
    12. “Application Preferences” shows you how to implement the interface for your application preferences.
    13. “Apple Applications URL Schemes” provides information about the system-supported URL schemes.

    I haven't got a chance to try it yet, I'm downloading Mac OSX 10.5 for use with the SDK, but hope this helps!

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