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Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by poopingfish, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Dec 10, 2007
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    Hey, sorry Im posting a new thread. I dont see a pm function or instructions as to contact specific mods.
    You removed my ipod touch package because "links to copywrited matierial, in this case apple's 1.1.1 firmware"
    I did not include it, only the community realsed (correct?) 1.1.2 firmware with my package.
    I included instructions on how to restore of downgrade, and included a link to apples website to which you could download the 1.1.1 firmware.
    Please check my package before you be quick to edit, I was trying to help!

    If I mis understand please tell me, but I do believe I have this correct. And if <i>linking to apples website for the firmware</i> is against the TOS then I will remove and reupload the package.

    If you need to you can contact me at regarding the topic or just reply here.

    -Evan [Mrr.guy]
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    Nov 15, 2007
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    At the bottom of the page click Forum Leaders. On the things, you'll see super mods at the bottom. You can PM them from there.

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