Tired of other people deleting your App Store Apps?

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    Well, I must say, I'm not, but you may be.
    This guide will make it so that it's not possible to delete Appstore apps by just pressing the 'x.'

    What you will need
    Cyberduck, if you have a mac, or winSCP, if you have a PC
    App store apps.

    First of all, navigate to /private/var/mobile, and you will see a folder called applications. Drag it to your desktop, or anywhere of your choice, to make a backup.

    After you do this, you need to delete the applications folder [the applications folder in /private/var/mobile, not the /applications.] You've made a backup, so if anything does happen to go wrong, you can just back up.

    Now open the applications folder [on your desktop] and it should come up with folders with random numbers [eg. 7C719CD1-8726-4A18-8BEE-6278DC0B453E] in this folder you will see the app that you downloaded.

    Now navigate to /Applications, and all you have to do is drag the application into this folder.

    Respring, and there you go.

    Ask if you have any problems, and I should be putting a video walkthrough soon.

    [I dunno if this has already been posted, or if it's just common knowledge, but I did search and couldn't find anything.]

    EDIT: don't do this if you have pockettouch installed - it removes the settings for it. The same could be for any app that put settings into the main settings menu. I'm not sure, but I'm currently looking for a way to overcome this.

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